No Time for Heroics

Sessions 1

Our intrepid heroes are recruited by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and its deputy chief, Alexander Jennings. As part of their mission, they are assigned to locate and extract two covert operatives from inside a high security North Korean prison in order to prevent an international incident which could escalate to war. Additionally, the UN believes, but cannot yet confirm, that nuclear and possibly other secret testing is being carried out by the Koreans inside the detention facility. The heroes are asked to maintain cover for as long as possible to investigate said testing and gather any evidence they can.

The heroes are given cover identities as journalists, and their capture arranged. After a brief time in a holding cell, they are brought to the prison proper, where they are given an “orientation” by the Warden, Jon Choi. They soon realize that the prison is crawling with a small army of guards, and that the special security team is prepared to deal with superhuman threats.

Justin Tanner, a Peacekeeping officer, and a member of the UN’s intelligence arm, has infiltrated the prison to assist the heroes, under the guise of a tourist. He remains to keep the heroes focused on their task. He and the heroes learned that each cell in the prison contained a small mechanism hidden in the walls, which he surmises must have been previously circumvented. He kept this information to himself.

Justin relayed information given to him in his mission briefing about at least three super-powered individuals in the prison: highly dangerous and wanted criminals relinquished to the Koreans whose facility is among the best in the world.

Samba risked the mission safety to confront a member of the Lupos, a drug cartel who funnels drug money to one of its captains Carlos Rodriguez, a captured super villain in the custody of the Koreans. He challenged her to a fight after the next day’s orientation.

Security Chief Chris Morrison was bribed by the heroes to allow them free access to the construction site at night.

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